Best Practices For Safeguarding Your Property Against Theft

Property safeguarding

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business, and you’d do anything to protect it. Practices such as CCTV monitoring are popular because they offer the ability to monitor your property, ultimately safeguarding your employees, products, information, and livelihood. There are many ways you can increase your protection, and when combined can be a great theft deterrent.

This article explores the best practices for safeguarding your property against theft. For personalised advice, contact our team at Guardtech today.

How To Protect Your Business Against Theft

Retail crimes such as theft costs Australian retail businesses up to $9 billion per year, reducing profits and often causing retailers to increase prices to make up for lost revenue. This theft can be internal (by employees) or external (by customers). Theft isn’t limited to retail stores, however, and can occur in any industry. No matter what type of business you run, it’s in your best interests to safeguard it against theft in any way you can. Popular methods include:

1. Locks

Locking doors, entries, and exits wherever possible is a simple yet often overlooked way to deter thieves. In general, the more high-tech the lock, the better. Consider a security access system over a traditional lock and key wherever possible.

2. Strong Doors

A flimsy door or one with any broken parts is prone to be broken into. External doors should have steel frames and deadbolts, as should any security doors. Burglar-resistant glass should be used for glass doors.

3. Lighting

Thieves love dark places to hide, so ensure you have as few of them as possible. Internal and external lights can deter would-be criminals, especially near entrances such as doors and windows.

4. Alarm System

The sound of an alarm can be enough to convince a thief to drop what they’re doing and run. When installing an alarm system, consider including motion detectors and sensors at doors and windows.

5. Barred Windows

While visually unappealing, if your property is in a high-crime area or if it contains highly valuable items, barred windows may be well worth it.

6. Private Security Patrols

Professional security patrols can provide round-the-clock protection against theft as well as other crimes such as vandalism and violence.

7. Security Cameras

Security monitoring such as CCTV cameras offer double protection in that the visual of them deter criminals and also provides footage of the incident. They work similarly to private security patrols, but at a fraction of the cost.

How Does CCTV Monitoring Protect A Property Against Theft?

CCTV monitoring is a common practice for businesses and homeowners to deter thieves. It works by your security system detecting unusual activity and sending an alert to the remote monitoring station in real-time. Your Internet connection will then transmit the footage from your CCTV cameras to the external remote monitoring location, where they will be viewed by a security systems professional.

They will pan and zoom the cameras to monitor the situation as it unfolds. If the activity is suspicious, the operator will call emergency services and notify you or another key holder for your site. Advanced CCTV monitoring often includes audio communication, so the operator can communicate with the intruder.

The Benefits Of CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring:

  • Helps to identify threats when they occur, often preventing theft and other criminal activity
  • Catches more criminals due to the operator notifying the key holder immediately so they can be on-site as quickly as possible
  • Reduces security costs such as 24/7 security guards
  • Is as effective as security guards
  • Tracks every move the criminal makes, ensuring you miss as little as possible
  • Allows communication via public address speakers to inform the intruder they’re being watched
  • Can integrate with other security systems such as access control systems and alarms

Interested In CCTV Monitoring?

At Guardtech we provide 24/7 alarm monitoring in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane to ensure your property is as well-protected as possible. With our secure and wireless technology, you have the ability to view information and data in real-time from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. To invest in CCTV monitoring for your property, contact our professional and reliable team today.



Adam Szylvester

Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Adam Szylvester has been the Chief Executive Officer at Guardtech since July 2021, bringing 35+ years of industry experience to his role. Prior to joining the team at Guardtech, he held significant positions at ANZ Banking Group, notably as Global Head of Security. Adam holds a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential from ASIS International, further solidifying his authority in the security industry.

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