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Technology controls access to most commercial properties these days – and access control systems play a major role in the security of people and property across a whole range of industries in the government and commercial sectors.

With the right access control system, you can protect your business by confirming the identity of visitors and staff before they can gain access to your premises or build in restricted access for high security areas. But with a vast array of access control systems to choose from – mobile-based, web-based or IoT-based – how do you select the best one for your business security needs?

At Guardtech, we have 20 year experience of delivering quality professional solutions. Whether you need electronic locking devices with biometric readers, an intercom system to identify and communicate with visitors at your building entrance or the ability to program access cards with specific entrances, times and rules of entry, our expert team has it covered.

We offer a complete range of access control options including audio and video, wired and wireless intercom systems which can be connected to electric doors, gates or electric locking devices. Tailored to your needs and with continued support, you can rely on us for a competitively priced and trustworthy service.

  • Manage employee access across all offices
  • Manage access for car parks, lifts and doors
  • Escalate and receive alarms for security breaches
  • Protection for high security environments
  • Voice and video communication to multiple locations
  • Designated access to key areas
  • Mobile, web or IoT based access control options

Access Control Security

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