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GUARDTECH’s services can be used to tailor a system to suit any specific business need from a single door to multiple doors and sites Australia Wide. Discover where we can assist you with our expert services and quality installations below.


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Door Access Control Systems

GUARDTECH are constantly reviewing, testing, updating existing systems and implementing the latest Commercial Access Control technologies in line with new regulations.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Visitor Management systems including “Pre-visit” enrolment
  • Printing and encoding of Access Credentials and visitor labels
  • Bluetooth/NFC technology that allows your Mobile Phone to be an access credential. This reduces the need to manage expensive Access Cards/tags and wireless remotes
  • Biometrics and Facial Recognition for access control to critical areas.
  • Video Intercom Systems
  • Complete Access Systems that are “Totally Touchless” to meet new OH & S requirements
  • Commercial Access Control integration with other systems such as Security Cameras, Building security alarms, locker systems (End of Trip), Building management systems (BMS), vending machines and printer stations.
  • Cloud Based and Web Based solutions reducing the need for dedicated on site hardware whilst allowing management and control from Anywhere that has internet access.

Commercial access control systems need to go beyond just locking and unlocking doors. Demand is high to provide a safe working environment that can be easily managed.

With the constant issue of walk-in thieves and aggressive trespassers you need to be able to reduce your exposure to such crime whilst increasing the security and wellbeing of your employees, visitors, critical information and assets with an audit trail of activity should it need to be reviewed.

A GUARDTECH designed Commercial access control system will provide you with manageable real-time information, control and protection with features to restrict access into and around the building/s from any location in the world if required.

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