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Closed circuit television or CCTV is a must when it comes to protecting your business. But with so many video surveillance systems on the market and the increasingly sophisticated technology involved, how can you choose the right CCTV option for your security objectives and your company?

With over 20 years in the security system industry, Guardtech offers you a complete range of services, cameras and recorders, along with expert advice. We tailor security solutions to suit a wide range of budgets and applications for commercial, government, office and industrial premises.

We understand that with the security and safety of people, products and property at stake, choosing the right CCTV solution will have a significant impact on both the profitability and the reputation of your business.

Your Guardtech team can help you to achieve peace of mind with quality products, installation and maintenance at a competitive price Australia-wide. Discover more about our commercial security cameras and CCTV installation at our locations below.


If you are in need of professional security camera and CCTV installation in Melbourne that you can depend on, get in contact with our Melbourne office today.


Experience professional service and advice from our team of Sydney experts and receive a commercial camera system that exceeds your expectations.


Our Brisbane team can assist you with creating a bespoke system of security CCTV cameras for your business no matter where you are in the state.

Our qualified team of CCTV professionals have extensive knowledge of the latest systems and equipment, so they can give you expert advice on what will meet your particular business security needs. What’s more, they can also work with existing security infrastructure to ensure you end up with the most cost-effective result for your budget.

Detect an intruder through visual surveillance. Monitor a variety of activities and environments. Access a live feed from your CCTV system directly to your PC or mobile device.  CCTV interface availability on any workstation. Identify virtually any access control or alarm in an instant.

  • Optimise loss prevention
  • Save on security guard costs
  • Fight false liability claims
  • Reduce accidents
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Comply with insurance requirements
  • Improve safety in dark or remote areas
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