2019 XVI South Pacific Games

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Guardtech is also a proud Sponsor of Tinabora Tekeiaki & Teitiria Utimawa, two girls from the remote Atole Island called Kiribati that is positioned in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Hawaii.

The Kiribati Badminton Federation asked our South Pacific Manager, Dean Lewis to Coach the Kiribati Badminton Team at the 2019 XVI South Pacific Games. Tinabora Tekeiaki & Teitiria Utimawa had a great win against one of the strongest countries, New Caledonia.

Their success continued with the win against another strong country Tahiti Their story attracted the media with the headline Kiribati Girls pair Tinabora and Teitiria’ the ones to watch as they won against two of the top countries on the first day’.

Tinabora and Teitiria are still currently in Australia Training and competing in tournaments around Australia in which they had their first win at International Level at The Perth International 2019.

Guardtech prides itself in providing opportunities and sponsorships Internationally and Internationally and are very proud of Dean Lewis, Tinabora Tekeiaki & Teitiria Utimawa.


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