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Many businesses are facing increasingly complex challenges, particularly when it comes to warehouse security. With the latest innovations in loss prevention, stock monitoring, warehouse access control systems, video surveillance and monitored alarm systems, you will be able to better protect your customers, premises and stock.

At Guardtech, we work with you to understand your specific warehouse security concerns and develop a customised solution that both protects and enhances your business (24/7). Take the worry out of product choice, installation, warranty support and ongoing maintenance with our experienced technical security consultants and engineers.

Whether you’re responsible for warehouse security systems at a global, national, regional or even just a local level, our streamlined and integrated process will grow and adapt with you.

Protections Beyond Theft

Whilst preventing thieves from gaining access to your premises and even employee theft are important, warehouse security goes beyond protecting your stock and other equipment from being stolen.

A security solution offers protection for your employees, as they will have peace of mind that they’ll be looked after in the event of an emergency or robbery. They will be able to perform at their optimum knowing that they aren’t being left vulnerable.

A security solution offers protection for your customers and visitors, as they will be given an immediate impression of safety. Security can also play a role in how others view your business, so ensuring that your systems are up to date can keep their opinions of you favourable.

It also ensures timely and appropriate emergency response, as the security team monitoring your premises is trained to handle all sorts of emergencies (from fires and attempted break-ins to equipment malfunction).

The Guardtech Guarantee

  • Industry experts in warehouse security monitored security systems – global, national, regional, local
  • Cost effective and customised – we adapt and tailor to your needs for minimum expenditure and maximum security equipment performance
  • Experienced integrators – we have the know-how to provide you with smart IoT solutions
  • Industry best practice – be confident in the highest standards of system design implementation and project management
  • Sophisticated stock and inventory systems – keep track of warehouse stock movements and level across multiple sites in real-time
  • State-of-the-art cameras and servers – protect each location and track who is entering and leaving warehouse premises 24/7
  • High-tech loss prevention experts – we specialise in advanced technologies that protect your assets from warehouse to final delivery
  • Fully trained and certified personnel – our technical teams receive intensive technical training to keep up to date with the latest developments
  • Affiliation with over 90 associates – working under our guidance, our network allows us to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for your needs

Warehouse Security Cameras

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, all of our technicians and specialists have received up to date training and licences in the security field. They are also certified by the Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (SPAAL).

The needs and goals of every business are different. After an initial consultation, it is likely that we will visit you at your premises to gain a better understanding of your security system needs and the specifics of your location. We will then be able to offer recommendations as to how your premises can be best protected.

Unfortunately, no. Whilst security guards are a great addition to your warehouse security setup, it’s important to remember that they can’t be everywhere at once nor can they see and hear everything that is going on – particularly at a large facility. Combining guards with other security measures, like CCTV and access control systems, is the ideal way to protect your premises.

We have a wide range of measures to choose from, including: warehouse CCTV systems, access control systems, sensor and alarm systems, remote location monitoring, and stock management systems (to name a few). We work with you to determine which security solutions will best meet your needs. 

Why Choose Guardtech?

Customised Services 

We aim to minimise our customers’ expenditure whilst maximising the performance of their security setup. We can adapt and customise to suit differing needs.

Industry Best Practice 

With extensive experience in system design implementation and project management, rest assured that we follow industry best practices.

Competitive Pricing 

Security shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We offer our customers highly competitive pricing for an extensively proven solution.

Protect Your Warehouse Against Security Threats

Remember that criminals will choose an easier, less protected target over a well-protected one. By ensuring that your warehouse security system is up to date and features some of the latest technologies, you can help to prevent your premises from becoming a target.

There are so many technologies to choose from, but getting them all to communicate seamlessly is complex. At Guardtech, we look at the bigger picture and provide our customers with a futureproof, integrated security solution that will offer better compatibility and greater levels of efficiency.

Plus, our warehouse security systems can provide valuable business insights (including people counting, store vs store traffic, high traffic times, and more) to help you make smart business decisions.

Warehouse Security Systems Concerns & Solutions
Guardtech Solutions

Do you struggle to keep track of how many people are in your facility at any point in time? Guardtech can provide a series of linked people counting security cameras, allowing the building manager (and emergency services) to tell how many people are in the building with a high degree of accuracy.

Do you have to stop your vehicle, open your window and even remove your keys to gain access to your parking space? Guardtech can provide and integrate intelligent access control security cameras that will accurately identify your number plate and open the gate for you, preventing any sort of exposure.

Do you frequently find yourself unaware of stock location or having to perform regular stocktakes? Guardtech can provide you with an accurate electronic method for keeping track of your stock, where it’s located and exactly how much of it you have in your warehouse.

Are you concerned with theft on your premises during opening hours? Guardtech can provide an area-controlled security system, which helps prevent loss due to burglary, shoplifting or internal theft by securing some areas whilst others are occupied.

Are you concerned with robberies after hours? Guardtech can provide a state-of-the-art Grade A1 24/7 monitoring centre, which ensures a prompt and reliable response to alarm conditions (helping to reduce the risks associated with break-ins and even hold-ups).

Are you concerned with people gaining unauthorised access to your premises? Guardtech can provide warehouse access control systems that help you manage people and vehicular access without inconveniencing your employees or disrupting your business.

Do you have multiple locations that need to be protected? Guardtech can establish a security system that matches your needs on a local, regional, national or even global basis. Our team provides the knowledge and consistency needed to make informed decisions across the board.

Are you unable to have your own security team on site at all times? Guardtech can help you keep an eye on your premises, remotely authorising and denying access. Our hosted video surveillance systems also allow you to view video feeds of any location whenever you need to.

Are you concerned that emergency services will take too long to arrive in the event they are needed? Guardtech’s Grade A1 24/7 monitoring centre provides prompt and reliable responses to alarm conditions. You can improve response times with audio or video verification of alarms.

Will the breakdown of critical equipment have dire consequences for your business? Guardtech provides sensors that alert you immediately if an important piece of equipment (such as a freezer or compressor) breaks down, as well as monitor the temperature of server rooms to protect data.

You’re In Safe Hands With Guardtech

How you protect your staff, customers, property and data can have a significant impact on your business in terms of reputation, profitability and liability.

You know that there has to be a better way of doing things, but you’re just not sure how to make that happen. Guardtech are highly experienced integrators that are familiar with emerging technologies (including access control systems, security cameras and alarm systems) – we can provide you with a smart, IoT security solution that solves your warehouse safety problems.

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